When clocks are reset for the transition between summer and winter time, the question of how to adjust opening hours for the new time arises. The starting point is that the serving hours follow real time i.e., the regulations on opening hours state a specific time and not a number of hours.

Transition to summer time

Clocks are adjusted forward from 02.00 to 03.00. Serving establishments that are licensed to be open for serving until 02.00 or later must stop serving at the time when the clock is adjusted forward i.e., 02.00. Clocks will then show the new time of 03.00.

Transition to winter time

Clocks are adjusted backward from 03.00 to 02.00. In accordance with the maximum opening hours for serving, opening hours expire at 03.00 (when the clock shows 03.00 for the first time that night) and the hours are not extended by an extra hour.