Bodø Municipality’s aim:

  • Bodø Municipality’s licensing policy shall conform to the aims of the Alcohol Act and be adapted to local conditions so that the aims are achieved.
  • The licensing policy aims to assist retailers and serving establishments by providing stable and predictable business conditions and preventing unfair competition.
  • Public health shall be prioritised when processing licensing applications.
  • An inspection regime and an appropriate set of sanctions are key instruments for ensuring that alcoholic beverages subject to licensing are retailed and served lawfully.  The sanctions shall also contribute to orderly industry conditions.
  • Through the Responsible Alcohol Management programme, the Municipality, police and licensed trade will collaborate to create a safer town and social environment by avoiding excessive alcohol sales and preventing sale to minors. The programme is intended to reduce alcohol-related violence by ensuring that alcohol is served responsibly.
  • The Municipality encourages businesses applying for a licence to retail or serve alcoholic beverages to meet universal design standards in their establishments and ensure that staff have generally applicable pay and working conditions.

By participating in the programme, Bodø Municipality will encourage/arrange:

  • Structured collaboration between the Municipality, police and licensed trade.
  • Quality control and further development of the inspection regime.
  • Training courses for licensees and employees in the industry.