1. Retail hours for selling beer and other beverages with up to 4.76 percent alcohol by volume are established as

  • 08.00 – 20.00 on weekdays, and
  • 08.00 – 18.00 on Saturdays and days before a public holiday.

On Sundays and public holidays, and on 1 and 17 May, retail sales of beer and alcopops may not take place.

2. Grocery stores are permitted to sell alcoholic beverages in Group 1.

3. A licence cannot be issued before any monies due to the tax and VAT authorities have been paid, or possibly included in a repayment agreement. In the latter case, it is a condition that the agreement is upheld. A history of failure to submit returns/failure to pay may mean loss of good repute.

4. The business is required to have satisfactory internal control procedures for retailing alcoholic beverages and the licensee must have approved employment contracts and occupational injury insurance for its employees. Bodø Municipality requires copies of employment contracts and occupational injury insurance policies, as documentary evidence of compliance.

5. Licences for retail sale of alcoholic beverages in Group 1 continue to be valid for a new period of up to four years, expiring at latest on 30 September in the year after a new municipal council takes office, cf the Alcohol Act s. 1-6. A new retail licence must nevertheless be applied for in the following cases:

  • Establishments where serious or very serious contraventions of the Alcohol Act have been revealed during the previous licence period.
  • Establishments where the requirement for good repute on the part of the licensee and anyone who exercises material influence on the establishment, is shown to have been breached, cf the Alcohol Act s. 1-7b.
  • Any other special grounds for the licence being reconsidered.