If you wish to serve alcoholic beverages at a single, specific event you must apply to the Municipality for a licence to serve alcoholic beverages. This type of licence may be granted for events such festivals and concerts, and cover a period of 1-7 days.

Application form

Apply here. The form requires the applicant to log into the ID Portal.

Describe the type of event that is being arranged as accurately as possible and how you plan to run it. If the event is to be held outdoors the landowner’s permission must be enclosed, with a drawing/sketch showing the area for the event and how its boundaries will be closed off.

Responsibility for serving alcoholic beverages during the event shall lie with the person with overall responsibility for the licence and its use. In certain cases, appointment of a deputy may be required. 

The opinion of the police and social services will be obtained. The licensee and anyone with material influence over the event must be persons of spotless repute (Alcohol Act s. 1-7 b), as must the manger and any deputy (Alcohol Act s. 1-7 c).

Processing time

The processing time for an application for a licence to serve alcoholic beverages on a single, specific occasion will normally be 4 weeks. Applications for larger events may take longer to process. Submit the application as early as possible.


The fee for a licence to serve alcoholic beverages at an open event is calculated and invoiced on basis of the anticipated volume from alcoholic beverages sold.



Executive officer:  Linda Rostad, tel 7559 3314/7555 5000, or email: linda.rostad@bodo.kommune.no