A licence to serve alcoholic beverages at a closed (private) party is intended for events such as weddings, anniversaries etc. All attendees must have been specifically invited and have confirmed they will attend before the event starts, and it must not be open to outsiders.

Those attending must have some form of relationship with the host. It is not sufficient for attendees to add themselves to a list or buy at ticket. Neither is having a restricted number of guests sufficient, once an event is described in an invitation or advertisement as a “private party”. Normal members’ meetings in an association will not satisfy the legal requirement for a private party.

In cases of dispute, the Municipality will decide whether a party can be described as a “private party” under the Alcohol Act.

Do you need a licence to sell alcoholic beverages?
If you receive any form of consideration for serving alcoholic beverages, directly or indirectly, you must always have a licence.

What is deemed to be “consideration”?
Consideration is deemed to include selling alcoholic beverages at cost or at an undervalue.  The form of the consideration is irrelevant. A sale takes place whether payment is in the form of money, goods, work, vouchers, tickets or some other good or service. Consideration is also present if alcohol is part of a wider package that is purchased.

When must you have a licence to serve alcohol without consideration?
Serving alcoholic beverages in public places and on publicly accessible means of transport always requires a licence.

For some other types of premises, a licence is generally required to serve alcohol, even though this may happen without consideration:

  • In premises with adjacent serving establishments.
    All establishments with adjacent serving establishment that require a licence to serve alcoholic beverages pursuant to the Food and Alcohol Services Act. What constitutes an “adjacent serving establishment” must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Premises that are generally open to the public.
    It immaterial whether the premises are open to the public when the event and the serving of alcoholic beverages actually takes place. (Examples are theatres, cinemas, shops, exhibition rooms/halls).
  • Community halls and other publicly accessible premises.

Person responsible for serving alcoholic beverages

The person you enter as being responsible for serving alcoholic beverages when the licence is being used in practice, and who is responsible for serving taking place in accordance with the provisions in the Alcohol Act.

Application form

Apply here. The form requires the applicant to log into the ID Portal.

Describe the type of event that is being arranged as accurately as possible and how you plan to run it. If the event is to be held outdoors the landowner’s permission must be enclosed, with a drawing/sketch showing the area for the event and how its boundaries will be closed off.

Responsibility for serving alcoholic beverages during the event shall lie with the person with overall responsibility for the licence and its use. In certain cases, appointment of a deputy may be required. 


Processing time

Processing time for such applications is normally circa 1 week, but allow up to 2 weeks.
Submit the application as early as possible.


The fee is NOK 390 per event and according to the regulations this shall cover the Municipality’s costs for processing and inspection. The fee will therefore always be claimed, whether the event actually takes place or not.  If the application is refused, no fee will be charged.



Executive officer:  Linda Rostad, tel 7559 3314/7555 5000.