Persons or enterprises that will run a serving establishment must apply to the Municipality for a licence to serve alcoholic beverages. The licence applies to establishing and running a serving establishment configured for eating/drinking on the premises.

The applicant requires approval from the municipal building authorities in order to conduct serving business in a building. For example, a change of use approval must have been issued, if the building is zoned for other purposes.

The general manager of the serving establishment must have passed the New Licensee Test (“etablererprøven”) for a serving establishment. You can find more information about this test on the right, under related links.

Application form

Apply here. The form requires the applicant to log into the ID Portal.

Transfer of a serving establishment

The licence lapses when ownership of the establishment is transferred.  The same also applies, for example, when a majority of the shares or units in a company that owns the establishment are transferred to new ownership.
The establishment can however continue to use the previous owner’s licence for up to three months.  This may only happen if the licensing authority is informed about the transfer and a new licence is applied for as soon as possible, and at latest within 30 days after the transfer.

Requirement of good repute

The licensee, general manager and anyone exerting material influence on the establishment must be of spotless repute including in relation to the Penal Code and legislation relating to alcohol, tax, VAT and accounting practice etc. 

Processing time 

You will receive an interim reply within two weeks of our receiving your application. You will receive a final answer once your application has been processed. The Food and Alcohol Service Act requires applications for a licence to serve alcoholic beverages to be processed as quickly as possible and within 60 days of the receipt of the application, unless special grounds exist. Special grounds may include enclosures missing from the application or delayed comments from other official bodies.
Applications for a licence to serve alcoholic beverages will be sent to the police, tax and VAT authorities for comment. 


There is no fee for processing an application for a licence to serve alcoholic beverages.

Executive officer: Linda Rostad, tel. 7559 3314/7555 5000, or email: