Information about Bodø School of Music and Performing Arts:

  • How to register: Main admission takes place in May/June. To apply for entry at this time, applications must be submitted by 1st May. The school does receive applications all year round if we have spaces to offer. Year round applicants can apply here.
  • Who can apply: We offer lessons to children and adults of all ages. Spaces will be prioritised for those up to the age of 19.
  • Lesson structure: We offer both group and one-to-one lessons, ranging in length.
  • Taster lessons: New students are given two free taster lessons. If you decide to cancel your admission following the taster, you must inform the school in writing.
  • Absence: Please notify the office if you are unable to attend a lesson for any reason.
  • Staff absence: We will provide supply/substitute teachers wherever possible to avoid cancellations due to illness or absence. More than two cancellations per term due to staff absence qualifies for a reduction in the term fee.
  • Personal details: So that you do not miss out on any correspondence, please keep your contact information updated in Speedadmin.
  • Payment schedule: Each terms fee is billed once per term.
  • Cancellation: If you wish to cancel your lessons, this must be done before December 1st, otherwise next terms tuition fee must be paid in full. All pupils must, before May 1st, confirm their contract for the next academic year, otherwise the contract is automatically cancelled. This is done in Speedadmin.
  • Timetables: Teaching timetables will vary depending on each subject. Each teacher is responsible for his or her own schedule. We do not have lessons later than 8pm.

Contact information:


Address: Speiderveien 4, 2.etg. 8008 Bodø

Phone: 755 56650

Office hours:

Mon – Fri: 0800 – 1530

Invoice preference: EHF or PDF

Electronic EHF invoice number: 972418013