Bodø Voksenopplæring (BVO) offer norwegian courses based on language level, how familiar you are with learning processes and future job wishes. The goal for every course is participation in norwegian society and work environment. 

BVO can offer 3 main categories of courses;

  1.  Daytime courses - Clases vary from 5 to 2 days a week depending on your norwegian skills and you educational bacgrouand. For paying course participant 70 Nok per hour.
  2. Evening course and online course. Contact school for more infomation.
  3. Online course. We offer both monthly and semester courses (se details below). Level A1-C1. Cost varies depending on wich alternative you chose. BVO can also offer one-to-one hours with at teacher at the price of 500 nok per 45 minutes.

The language level on our courses is defined by a common European framework for language. 

Bodø voksenopplæring also offers primary school education for adults. Deadline for applying to primary school is 1st of April each year. 

Education for adults with reduced learning ability is also offered by us, but only after a proffessional evaluation by the Pedagogic, psycological service (PPT - short for Pedagogisk-, psykologisk tjeneste in Norwegian). 

Online courses - periodes and prices: 

  1. 5 hours a week - access to "Min vei" where you can improve reading, writing, listening and oral skills. A teacher gives you feedback on your delivered tasks. Price one month: 1200 nok/1650 nok - includes 45 minutes personal guidens/feedback.
  2. 20 weeks course, 5 hours per week. Access to "Min vei" where you can improve reading, writing, listening and oral skills. A teacher gives you feedback on your delivered tasks. Price: 5000 nok/7000 nok - inkludes 45 minuttes peersonal guidens/feedback each month.
  3. Private lessons with teacher. All levels. Choose between online meeting and meetin at school. Price: 500 nok per 45 minutes.

For alternativ 1 and 2 it is ofcourse possible to purchase extra hours with one-to-one sesjons at the price of 500 per 45 minutes. 

If you want more information regarding the possibilities within learning Norwegian language, lifestyle and society, please contact us by e-mail, phone number 75 55 66 00 or come and visit the administration in Nordstrandveien 41, 3rd and 4th floor. For inormation regarding online courses you can contact these two theachers: 

Tatjana Cruickshank 

If you dont have any questions and you dont need any more information, this is the applicationform you can use for applying for courses: 

Application norwegian language and norwegian social studies

If you want more information an wish to schedule a meeting, you can do this by filling in this form: 

Schedule a meeting with administration at Bodø Voksenopplæring

Welcome to Bodø Voksenopplæring (BVO)


Are you a participant in one of our cources, talk to your teacher regarding signing up to norwegian test. If you are in the categori of personen not attending clases at our school, go to this area to sign up:
Bodø voksenopplæring decide dates within the testperiode.

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