Service recipients/residents can accept visits. Visitors are requested to follow our procedures for visitors and prevent infection from spreading to other service recipients/residents, staff and other visitors.

At present there are rules in local regulations for Bodø Municipality, about the number of visitors in private homes. Only 5 guests are allowed, in addition to those who live there. It is also strongly recommended that the number of close contacts/persons in our immediate circle is reduced and that a social distance of at least one metre is maintained. Out of consideration for the service recipient’s situation we want to help ensure that these rules are obeyed, and request that relatives and other visitors assist by doing the same. 


  • Arrange the visit in advance so that infection control procedures can be observed as well as possible.
  • We ask for a check to be carried out to clarify infection status and decide whether the visit can go ahead. You can obtain the form by referring to the home you intend to visit. Under national rules, persons in quarantine or with respiratory infections cannot visit. The form is shredded after use.  


  • On arrival at the home: Contact one of the staff and wait to be fetched.
  • Visitors are asked to register in the digital visits log. Bodø Municipality uses for this purpose. You can easily register your information by scanning the QR code on arrival. Ask for help on the spot, if you need help with registration. The visits log is exempt public access and is only used, if needed, for infection tracing. Your information is deleted automatically after 14 days.
  • Keep a social distance of at least one metre away from the person you are visiting, and from staff. Distance protects you, and those you love! If both resident and visitor are fully vaccinated, close contact is allowed. 
  • Carry out hand hygiene/disinfect your hands before and after the visit, including visits outdoors. Try and touch surfaces/furniture and fittings as little as possible
  • Visitors must wear a facemask from the time they are fetched at the main door until they are inside the home they are visiting. Visitors should also wear a facemask inside the home of the person visited, especially if it is impossible to keep one metre away.
    • Regrettably, we cannot provide facemasks for visitors, and ask you to keep your own stock for your own use.
  • Visitors should remain in the resident’s flat/private room, unless the contact is taking place outdoors.
  • In the present infection situation relatives and others are discouraged from taking resident out on car trips, shopping etc. in public places, or to family gatherings where there may be a serious risk of taking infection back with them.


  • At present, staff are using facemasks as standard when carrying out their duties, except where the nature of their work means they should be exempt.