About the school

Bodø Voksenopplæring has approximately 350 weekly participants in teaching and has about 30 employees. The school is headed by Rector Olaf Havdal. The teacher's staff has competence and long experience in teaching minority languages and have backgrounds from several specialist educational fields.


Basic education for adults:
Gives adults with the right for basic education a basis for further education in the norwegian school system. It's located in Bankgata 26

At Nordstrandveien 41 we offer courses in the norwegian language, both oral and written. We have courses at several levels and progressions. We also offer courses about norwegian society and employment.

Tests in the norwegian language is held three times a year, namely march, june and december.
If you need to document your knowledge about the norwegian society we hold tests in the middle of every month, exept march, june, july, august and december. 
Enrollment for the tests are done at our office in Nordstrandveien 41 if you qualify for a free test. If not you can register here: Information from Kompetanse Norge

Questions can be made directly by:
Visiting us between 08.00 og 14:30 (8.00am and 2:30pm)
Bodø Voksenopplæring
Nordstrandveien 41
8012 BODØ

or by phone and e-mail:
Tlf: 75 55 66 00
email: bvo@bodo.kommune.no

The school does not have parking for the participants. You must park outside the school area.

If you for some reason are unable to attend your class we kindly ask you to notify your contact teacher in written form. If you don't know how to contact your teacher you can call or send an e-mail to the administration, tel: 75 55 66 00 or e-mail to: bvo@bodo.kommune.no