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New city - new airport

Smart Bodø – more than technology and robots

Sure, digital opportunities are important. But the future is not just technologic, sci-fi scenarios and robots. We want to do things differently.

Big things are happening in Bodø connected to the new city and the new airport. We got stretchmarks in our brain when we realized that there was an area equal to 300 hectares of available land right next to the city center – but also a realization that we had the possibility to create something entirely new.

The new city, new airport chapter in the history of Bodø is going to take us strait into the future. a lot has happened since 2014, and Bodø has already participated in staggering projects, both locally and internationally linked to the concept of smart.

But what is smart, and in particular what is smart for Bodø?

We want a more balanced approach to the to the concept “new” and “smart”. We think it is smart to focus on the human aspects rather than simply the hard technology. In Bodø the human is placed in the center of the project and concept. To think about us, humans, as creations of flesh and blood is one of three main goals in our plans for the future.

To plan to be a more people- and environmentally friendly city – that is what smart is about.

This means that if we agree that a project is not going to benefit us, then the project will not be initiated. A city that the inhabitants thrive to live in, that listens to the inhabitants and that takes public involvement seriously. A city that uses new technology to solve the challenges we are facing with regards to climate, energy and environmental questions – that is a smart city.

Smart projects may happen everywhere, but they are often linked to four main areas:

  1. Energy consumption, the transition to (new) renewable energy sources
  2. Transport, often associated with self-driving drones by land, sea and in the air
  3. Climate and environment, less consumption, circular economy and the reduction greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Citizen involvement

The municipality is currently participating in large projects in the abovementioned areas. We are talking on massive and prestigious projects within all of the four areas listed above.

  • Through the EU project E-lighthouse, Bodø is cooperating on behalf of Norway together with five other North-European countries. The ambition is to create a more energy efficient society and increase the use of renewable energy sources.
  • In the project Smarter Transport Bodø, the municipality cooperates with Nordland County Council, Avinor and Telenor to make transportation seamless, efficient and environmentally friendly. 
  • The Research Center on Zero Emission Neighborhoods is going to ensure that the new city is a place where new solutions for energy- and environmentally friendly cities are being developed and tested for the future.
  • The municipality is dedicated to with regards to public involvement, and the City Lab Bodø is a place where the citizens can join the planning.

When we talk about the new smart Bodø, we are talking about the city as a whole, today. It is not just about a distant future scenario. The vision is: Together we are creating the new smart Bodø – a green city for the future at world class level.

This is probably not typical when it comes to a Norwegian mentality. The ambitions are high, also at a global scale. Everyone has to contribute, and we need help from the rest of the world if we are going to reach our goals.

Bodø has the opportunity take a leading role on a national and an international level in the operationalization of transition to the low carbon/zero emission economy. We are in the forefront of the world in terms of electrification, use of renewable energy and even how we utilize our smartphones. It’s only natural that what take a leading role in developing f new products, services and solutions for the future that are at a world class level.

Join us now in writing the story for the future.