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Family, culture and leisure services


Ernst Furuhatt / www.nordnorge.com / Bodø

For information about day care centres, schools, culture and leisure services, please use the following links:

Day care centres, schools and family centres www.bodo.kommune.no/oppvekst

Culture, sports, outdoor leisure pursuits and activities for young people www.bodo.kommune.no/kultur

For information about secondary schools www.nfk.no/utdanning

Bodø Culture Centre (kulturhuset) www.bodo-kulturhus.no

Stormen, Bodø Culture Precinct www.kulturkvartalet-bodo.no/

Sports centres and swimming complexes www.bodospektrum.no

Cinema www.framkino.no

Tourism and travel www.visitbodo.com

Bodø Tourist Information  www.bodo.kommune.no/turistinformasjon